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About us

We are a diverse team of experienced electricians. With over 10 years electrical experience in residential and commercial we dedicate our lives to improving yours. We offer everything from new building whether its a house or a restaurant. We are readily available for all service orientated work in the electrical field.

Do you have a fpe/federal pioneer panel???

This video shows a very dangerous panel that is most likely in your home 2008 and older!

Residential Solar

  • Size & Type of Microgeneration System
  • Site plan, Property report
  • Install & Design
  • Government Grants

EV Charge Stations

  • At home Electric Vehicle Charging stations
  • Set Pricing
  • Size of EV station 15a,30a,40a & 50a+

Panel Upgrade/Service Upgrade
  • Homeline or Leviton Panels
  • Smart Breakers 
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Overhead or Underground 
  • 60a,70a,100a,125a,150a,200a

Electrical Services New/Reno

Residential Electrical

  • Service Upgrades 100a,150a,200a Overhead & Underground
  • Basement Wiring or Legal Suite Wiring
  • Adding or removing Circuits
  • Garage Wiring
  • Lighting
  • Chandelier
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Free Advice

Commercial electrical

  • Restaurants, Small or Large Office, Warehouses
  • Lighting Interior & Exterior
  • Photocell, contactor, timers & relays
  • Fire Suppression system
  • Outdoor walkway Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting Repair or LED Swap, LED Lighting, LED Driver change
  • Fluorescent Refurbishing to LED
  • PVC Underground Conduit
  • EMT Conduit

trouble shooting Commercial or Residential

  • Lighting 
  • Receptacles
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Electric Motors
  • PhotoCell
  • Relay, Contactor, Timer
  • Emergency Exit Sign/Lights & Batteries
  • Panel Labelling
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI or GFI 

Currently servicing in Edmonton and greater area

We are located in central AB's capital. Being stationed in Edmonton makes it easy for us to reach any acreages on the outskirts of Edmonton or even the smaller towns. We are always looking to expand our ventures and grow into new areas.