Panel Upgrade 

This Panel in particular is a Leviton 100a Main Breaker Panel. We installed the newer panel here on an underground service change. This service before was on that smaller sheet of plywood on the right, we upgraded to a larger sheet giving ample room for the circuitry. Customer was very pleased with how the service turned out.

Gauranteed customer satisfaction
Permitting, inspection and documentation Included
all options explored

Service Change

Overhead Service

We deal with a lot of overhead services as a lot of older Edmonton has services in alley-ways. Made every service possible thus far!

Underground Service

A underground service varies vastly in price however, the shorter runs within the city can be hand dug at a reasonable price.We offer both hand dug and ditch-witched or Excavated tranches with sanding.

Leviton Panel

These brand new panels have a 14.25" width which means they can fit in-between studs. This panel has some smart breakers which can isolate a problem in electrical equipment before it comes a major problem by noticing an increase in amperage draw on that circuit, saving you money.