Installing Receptacles

With only a few of our receptacles getting used on a daily basis, I can determine if it needs to be replaced, rewired or slightly adjusted to fix the problem. By using my plug tester to check for proper wiring and continuity it makes the job that much faster. I like to use hand tools to install the receptacles to assure no accidental cracking happens. If you hear, smell or see any of these problems call and electrician immediately!

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different types of Receptacles

15a/20a  Receptacles

15a/20a receptacles are found everywhere in our homes, offices and even outside. I like to carry the most common receptacles to make our visit as quick as possible.

15a/20a GFCI receptacles

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter receptacles are found within 1.5m of any sink or in any bathroom. They also are outside to prevent any nuisance tripping from moisture.

Different styles of Receptacles
There are 2 main styles of receptacles; Decora (Rectangular) or Duplex. They have just about every colour on the market for either of the 2 and can be easily changed out.