Installing Switches

Firstly I'll need to assess the switch in order to determine if it's broken. There are many different types of amperage, voltage and styles of switches. I keep stock in the most common type of switches.

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different types of switches

SP 15a/20a  Switches

Single Pole Switches are everywhere and frequently used. Typically they get worn out or broken from being used often. Knowing how to trouble shoot these switches is key to making it quick and painless.

Three-way 15a/20a Switches

3-way switching can be tricky to the average DIY home owner. I can ensure your safety with my expertise in wiring and installing 3-way switches in either toggle or decora style.

DP-ST Switches

A double-pole singe-throw switch is typically seen as your furnace switch or main floor exhaust switch. I can replace or troubleshoot any problems with this switch.

Different styles of switches
There are 2 main styles of switches; Decora (Rectangular - Bottom) or Toggle (small level - Top). They have just about every colour on the market for either of the switches and can be easily changed out.